Three Expert Tips to Increase Your Total Premium

There is so much advice and pointers out there for sales professionals, all offering a unique perspective on the sales process. However, with all of the advice out there, not all of them are truly effective. So we went on a search to find the most effective methods that actually help you increase your total premium. These three expert tips are guaranteed to help you drive enrollment!

1. Ask, Listen, & Act.

Short, sweet, and to the point. These three words best summarize how to be successful in the sales industry. Ask questions that are relevant, original, organized, and straightforward. When you listen, focus on the employee and allow plenty of time for them to share. Hear out your prospect, be it questions or concerns. Then,  act in a way that proves you were listening to the employee. Consider following up with a resource or package of benefits that addresses their concern.

2. “Once a client, always a client.”

Focusing on keeping your policyholder for life is really some of the best sales advice. By keeping a strong relationship with your clients, you will not only create loyalty, you will also add value. By excelling in these two categories, you are also more likely to be referred.

3. Use Tools and Tech

When agents or enrollers are spending most of their day performing mundane tasks like inputting data, creating reports, and calling prospects who aren’t interested; sales efficiency plummets. Using sales tools and technology can help free up time for reps to do what they do best – sell.  Technology like Benefit Zone’s virtual employee engagement solution has proven to help out those in the voluntary benefits industry prioritize the employees who are most interested in benefits and increase total premium.

Benefits Zone Can Help Increase Your Total Premium

The Benefits Zone mobile app has a fully trackable backend that gives you insights into who is on your app, when they are accessing your resources, and which benefits they are accessing. Your benefits toolkit creates a valuable, virtual experience for new and existing policyholders.

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