The ultimate goal of any benefits marketing plan is to increase employee engagement. Ease of access to information and a simple means of enrollment are necessary components. Indeed, the easier the process, the more likely employees will take advantage of the programs.

Regardless of how decentralized your workforce during this unique COVID-19 crisis, it’s probably a good time to update your benefits program; the means by which you inform and educate employees about what is available to them. Digitizing the plans is a progressive move that will benefit your entire company.

Why Implement Digital Marketing Plans for Company Benefits?

Going digital is no longer the wave of the future. The time is now to digitize every possible aspect of your company for the benefit of both administrators and employees. Digitizing creates easy access and utilization of a benefits program.

Advantages of a Digital Marketing Plan for Benefits

Easy Access for Employees

Digitizing a company’s benefit offerings allows employees to access the information at any time, from work or home by accessing a centralized hub whenever they have a free minute. It also allows them to freely share the information with family members or others they trust to assist with decisions.

Easy Signup

The ability to sign up online without the need to access an outside portal or make an appointment with a company representative is key to success.

Increased Percentage of Employee Enrollment

Due to the ease of reviewing the details of benefits offerings and enrolling in them, the number of employees taking advantage of options paid for and offered by the company will likely increase.

Immediate Benefits Updates

A digital component in a benefits marketing plan adds flexibility for administrators when making changes to the offerings.

Have an important change to make in benefits resources? The ability to add or modify information nearly instantaneously eliminates the expense of reprinting pamphlets, handouts, or policies, frequently. With Benefits Zone, these changes update automatically on every employee’s digital device. In fact, administrators can just swap out a link or file, and the tool is updated and ready to go.

Some digital solutions also offer the ability to send text messages or push notifications with essential updates and/or reminders. With Benefits Zone, administrators can coordinate bulk text messages to notify employees about important changes.

Data Tracking Abilities

Digital solutions also provide a way to gain valuable insight by tracking user engagement. Indeed, learning the intricacies of what works best, which features users are most receptive to, and how a system is working streamlines data collection.

Data Aids Plan Decisions

Successful parts of a digital benefits tool can be identified through the system’s tracking capabilities. Indeed, this helps companies improve the tool for enhanced future performance.

What Business Expert Are Saying

The Minneapolis/St. Paul business journal posts an article about how employers are turning to digital tools to boost employee engagement with their benefits. Thus, understanding benefits offerings is an important part of the employee experience, says the author. If an employee doesn’t understand the benefit plans and how to access them, the misunderstanding can affect employee retention. A valued employee may seek a position with another company in pursuit of better benefits when they may, in fact, already be available through the company where he or she is employed.

Make Your Benefits Easy to Access

These days, employees expect digital access to almost every aspect of personal and work life. In fact, their phones and devices are go-to places to find information and obtain answers.

They will welcome access to details of company benefits via a digital solution. With the convenience of online registration, there is no need to make in-person appointments. Thus, more employees will likely make the decision to participate in the plans.

Ready to take your company’s employee benefits marketing plan digital? Then contact Benefits Zone today!