Getting Started with Benefits Zone

Benefits Zone isn’t only easy for employees to use, it’s also easy for companies to set up. Here’s our five-step guide to implementing Benefits Zone.

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“The Benefits Zone team is fast! We never have to stress about our mobile benefit apps being ready to go because they have such a quick response time for updates and changes. They’re really great to work with.”

  • Step 1 – Submit an intake form

    Complete a short form with the pertinent information of the case so we can create an app framework to be customized later in the process.

  • Step 2- Upload a census file

    Although not required, our solution is the most effective when we can deliver a benefits toolkit directly to employees via text. We partner with HR teams and/or Employers to obtain a list of the names and phone number of eligible employees. This information is for our use only and is never shared. View our privacy policy to learn more.

  • Step 3- Complete the employer authorization form

    The authorization form gives us the green light to brand a mobile app with the company’s logo and provide access to employees.

  • Step 4- Tailor the app to the case

    Benefits Zone works directly with the benefits team to refine and customize the benefit toolkit to suit each case’s unique needs.

  • Step 5 – Review and approve communication program

    The benefits team reviews the content and timeline of any text messages for final approval. Benefits Zone also supplies each company with an email template to customize and distribute to employees before the start of open enrollment.

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