Benefits enrollment can be stressful for both your HR team and your employees. As professionals, we know the value of good, company-provided benefits, but getting an appropriate level of engagement during the enrollment window can be difficult. Part of it is understanding the benefits; the other is understanding their value. Studies have shown that only 19% of employees understand the insurance product, and 41% of your workforce won’t even devote 30 minutes to reading the educational materials your HR representatives provide. It is essential to communicate the value of the plan to your employees, but how do you do that? We’re going to look at ways a Benefits Zone toolkit can optimize your benefit conversion process.

The Benefits Zone Toolkit

Benefits Zone is a virtual engagement solution designed to boost employee engagement during your company’s Open Enrollment period. The toolkit can include benefits guides, videos, and other resources. It helps you provide prospective enrollees with an easy-to-use resource that is both portable and approachable.

Benefits Zone also features SMS notifications to help you amplify your message and promote benefits easily and discreetly. The toolkit includes real-time alerts to help reel in your employees and get them engaged with the enrollment process, and it’s perfectly scalable; whether your team is 50 strong or 10,000, Benefits Zone can accommodate the workload.

Tracking Engagement Trends

The goal with any Open Enrollment period is to get 100% of your workforce to participate. Your company has taken the time to find the right voluntary benefits to supplement employee compensation. These extra benefits serve as a valuable retention tool that boosts employee satisfaction. According to a 2013 survey, 74% of CFOs agree: voluntary benefits offer incredible value. But which benefits do your employees prefer?

The key to answering that question is tracking employee engagement. With Benefits Zone, HR professionals can run custom reports that target employee engagement with each benefit offering. This allows you to see the hotspots —who is interacting with what— and build a more efficient conversion plan around the information.

HR managers can use the platform to reach out to individual employees, leading with the most popular benefit offerings to optimize your benefit conversion.

Engagement Reports: Planning Employee Follow-up

HR is built from an ongoing dialogue with your employees. As professionals who deal with benefits on a daily basis, it’s easy to get excited about benefit products. It might take multiple touch points with your employees, however, before they become interested.

Some employees will want to expedite the process; they’ll listen to an agent’s pitch and make a decision on the benefit right then and there. But most employees want to review educational materials and resources on their own time before making a decision. It might take multiple contacts with an employee before they are ready to sign up.

Benefits Zone gives you the right tools to facilitate employee engagement. Members of the benefits team can run reports and use them to plan follow-up activities using toolkit features like SMS updates, bringing your employees back to the table in a timely way.

Using Your Toolkit to Optimize Your Benefit Conversion Process

The Benefits Zone toolkit is designed to give benefits professionals a convenient way to engage with employees regarding benefits. It also provides a way to communicate their value by giving employees educational resources. The experts at Benefits Zone can help you optimize your Open Enrollment experience so that you get the most employee engagement out of the platform’s powerful toolset. Contact us to learn more.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels