Every company is keen to see the employees enroll in and utilize the benefits it offers. However, that cannot happen unless the employees are aware of the offerings. The secret to effective benefits delivery is using multiple communication channels. Besides, the best way to link employees to their benefits is with technology. It makes it convenient to access benefits when and where an employee wants and increases the chances of engagement and ultimately enrollment. Let’s dive deeper and explain more about omnichannel distribution and how it can help drive engagement.

Omnichannel Distribution

Employers cannot afford to ignore employee benefits. As job markets become healthier, employees can easily jump ship to where they find something much better. A company that is keen to attract and retain employees must find a way of making employees realize their valuable contribution to the company. The best way to do that is by offering excellent employee benefits and driving engagement to those benefits.

Omnichannel distribution is a multichannel approach to benefits that seeks to provide employees with a seamless benefits enrollment experience. If benefits professionals wish to increase employee engagement and thus improve retention rates, they must think like marketers. Although the term omnichannel is more popular in marketing products and services, it is equally applicable to human resources. Today, employees expect companies to understand their unique expectations and demands and believe the right benefits improve loyalty to their company.

How Omnichannel Distribution Helps Drive Engagement

Improving employee engagement has numerous advantages, including motivation and improving retention rates. Omnichannel distribution ensures a relevant and consistent message over numerous mediums encouraging audience members to engage.

1. By Increasing Data Collection

The more channels a company leverages to its employees, the more access it has to enrollment data. Benefits professionals can unify that data and get a greater insight into a workforce’s behavioral and demographic profile. This information could help the company to personalize or customize employee benefits more accurately. Besides, data analytics helps the company popularize its benefits more effectively depending on variations in enrollment and utilization patterns among its employees. Many benefit professionals do not have a better picture of their employee benefits enrollment journey until they invest in omnichannel data collection.

2. By Improving Employee Experience

Omnichannel distribution allows employees to use a variety of mediums to review benefits and choose according to their preferences. They can start the process in one medium and finish later on another. An ideal employee experience includes the ability to search for the benefits through an app link sent via email, automated text message, or even requests through an auto-response keyword.

You Need the Right Technology

Although applying the omnichannel distribution approach to benefits engagement is not difficult, you have to find the right resources. The fundamental components of omnichannel benefits experience include content, personalization, and technology. That means the information your employees want, the way you make it relevant, and the tools you use to make that possible.

A mobile benefits platform such as Benefits Zone allows employees to access what you offer and, more importantly, supports omnichannel distribution to help drive engagement. Employees receive an app through an automated text message, email, and can use an auto-response keyword to access the company benefits toolkit on the spot. Additionally, the auto-response keyword allows a company to deliver benefits during the onboarding process without paperwork. Thus, benefiting even new employees.

Drive Engagement

The modern workforce has unique needs and expectations. You must recognize, reward, appreciate, and keep them engaged. Luckily, you can leverage technology and achieve all these objectives conveniently. Request a demo or contact us today to learn about omnichannel distribution.