Benefits Mobile App

A branded Benefits Toolkit makes it easy for employees to access benefits information and resources whenever and wherever they have time.

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Convenient & Accessible

Employees are often on-the-go and usually within arm’s reach of their cell phone. A mobile app makes it easy for them to review benefits offerings wherever they are.

Branded Mobile App

Customizable buttons, pages, colors, and a company’s logo make each Benefits Toolkit unique and instantly recognizable to employees. Customize the app to match each case’s brand and culture.

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One-Click Connect

Employees instantly have access to advisors, enrollment tools, calendars, and call centers and know exactly where to go if they have questions. No more searching through emails.

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Easy App Delivery

Deliver the app directly to employees via a scheduled text message. Companies can also distribute the app via email or an SMS keyword.

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24/7/365 Employee Access

Employees can access benefits information and tools when they need it. Whether at home, running errands, or at a doctor’s office, benefits resources are always a click away.

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Make benefits easier to access

A convenient, easy-to-use mobile app makes it easier for employees to research, enroll in, and manage employee benefits offerings.

Accessible, portable, and efficient

  • Portable solution employees can review at their convenience
  • Each app is customized and branded to the case
  • Simple for employees to access, install, and use

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