We want our members to get the most value out of their benefits toolkit. In fact, we’re starting a new series on how to best leverage a Benefits Zone app. First up we’ll look at how you can use the Benefits Zone solution to wow employees with proactive service. Using the real-time notifications and engagement data from the Agent Dashboard can help you leverage your app. It not only can drive enrollment but can also help you provide best in class customer service.

Importance of Engagement Insights

One of the most valuable parts of the Benefits Zone solution are the real-time engagement insights. Since Benefits Zone captures employee activity for you to review, it’s easy to get timely insights. Members can review this activity in real time to identify sales or service follow-up opportunities.  The timely data in the Agent Dashboard paired with your User Report offer a great jumping off point to identify the employees who are interested in benefits.

Use Real-Time Engagement Insights to Help Sell

Because customers generally make buying decisions quickly, it’s critical to “strike while the iron is hot”. Each click in your app is a clue into what employees are interested in. Watch closely and you could see clues for opportunities to close new business or expand a relationship.

Often, app users will research other benefits offerings within the app. Frequent access of resources could indicate interest, so be sure to keep an eye out for this type of activity. It’s great to review app activity before your normal employee outreach or annual account reviews. In your app activity you might see an employee with:

  • a growing family interested in life insurance or college assistance
  • health issues reviewing short-term disability or hospital coverage
  • a family history of cancer evaluating if coverage is feasible

Just like that, you have an opportunity to follow up. Though you likely don’t have a complete picture, you definitely have a staring point. Prepare before you follow up research your offerings and keep an open mind. You may be able to identify an even better benefits solution for the employee. At a minimum, you have an opportunity to offer expert insight on life changes.

Use App Usage Insights to Provide Proactive Service

Along with anticipating new employee needs, Benefits Zone can help you provide mind-blowing, proactive customer service. As you monitor employee engagement, you might see them tapping on the same material over and over or you might see them tap on “submit a request.”

You might also see app users click the “call” or “email” button for you several times after engaging with one of your resources. If you don’t receive a call or email, it’s time for proactive service!

This is a great time to just give them a call in the moment and help them get what they need. You’ll likely either deliver information on your offerings or provide a nice courtesy call.  This type of outreach also helps retain customers, which provides a critical return on investment. Since it’s significantly less expensive to keep current clients than to source new ones, using your app to reduce customer churn is critical.

Start Delivering Proactive Service

Between identifying sales opportunities and customer service needs, Benefits Zone can help you make and save money. Start looking for buying signals and service opportunities in your app activity today. Don’t have a tool to capture client or prospect engagement? Schedule a demo today!