As the prime open enrollment season approaches, many benefits providers are preparing for a busy fall and winter. With multiple cases comes multiple enrollment open and close dates, products offered, and eligible employees to engage, follow-up with, and enroll. Organization is key to successfully handling multiple cases while not allowing things to fall through the cracks. Although sticky notes or paper planners can help to a degree, paper-based strategies don’t always scale well. Indeed, there comes a point and time where incorporating technology into the strategy becomes critical. Luckily, benefits professionals can leverage digital case management tools like Benefits Zone to make case management easier.

Here’s why a digital tool is the key to handling multiple cases successfully.

1. Digital Case Management Tools Provide an Organized Collection

Searching for essential information for each case wastes valuable time. Effective case management tools should help evaluate case specifics at a glance. With Benefits Zone, a case dashboard provides agents with a snapshot of all of their cases as well as each case’s key components.

A dashboard is an analytical tool that displays the essential parts of the case for better decisions and situational understanding. It should provide real-time information on the remaining days in an open enrollment period or unread messages that need addressed. A case dashboard should also display the case information in a manageable and visually appealing format.

Without such a tool, agents or brokers would have to sift through large amounts of data, thus consuming a lot of time. Dashboards collect data from various sources and put them in a single interface for a comprehensive overview of the cases.

2. Easy-to-Use Agent Interface

An easy-to-use interface allows agents to access vital case engagement insights on a computer. It displays the information without ambiguity, thus allowing the agents to interpret data faster and make accurate and informed decisions with ease. The Benefits Zone interface focuses on aesthetics and goes beyond to maximize responsiveness, accessibility, and efficiency.

Benefits Zone understands that developing a perfect user interface requires knowing their preferences, goals, tendencies, and skills. Therefore, it integrates the best practices of a good design, including clear language, consistency in using elements, and a smart and purposeful page layout. It also incorporates interaction and dynamism to allow agents to view the data that best suits their needs.

3. Data-Driven Tasks

Data from employee engagement with available benefit offerings helps drive a successful open enrollment. Unfortunately, making meaningful decisions, especially when there are multiple cases involved, is difficult. A data-driven approach greatly improves employee benefits management without reducing benefits which can negatively impact employee engagement.

High quality data leads to meaningful insights and drives action-based recommendations. Employee engagement with a digital benefits toolkit collects multiple data points that help serve employees and drive enrollment. Additionally, this data can be transformed into actionable tasks.

4. Flexible Case Management Options

Monitoring employee activity can create challenges. For example, some employees may be changing their plans while others are enrolling. Besides, you have to ensure employees get what they need, when they need it. Fortunately, Benefits Zone offers flexible case management options. A case-specific dashboard allows you to log notes and keep track of employee activity as they use the mobile benefits app before, after, or during open enrollment.

Handle Multiple Cases Successfully With Digital Case Management Tools

Digital case management tools such as Benefits Zone can ease case management. Don’t spend precious time searching for information about every individual case. Instead, use a tool like Benefits Zone that provides a snapshot of all cases and their components.

Not only does this streamline the case management process, it increases productivity and the quality of services you provide. More effective enrollments translate to more annual premium and repeat customers. Request a demo with us today to see how our solutions can help you streamline managing multiple cases.