Your employees need to make well-informed decisions about their benefits since, in most cases, they can only make changes during the open enrollment period. If they miss the deadline or fail to make the right choice, they will have to stick to that for a whole year. This makes it hard for you to retain these accounts and attract new ones. Unfortunately, ensuring that employees are well-informed about their benefits choices is a challenge to most organizations. In fact, more than 80% of employers reveal that their employees have a low level of understanding of their benefits. However, this does not have to be the case for you. You can leverage technology to handle open enrollment. This post looks at how digital benefit platforms such as Benefits Zone can help your organization attract, engage, and retain more accounts.

1. Attract Accounts

Forward-thinking companies have shifted from offering a one-size-fits-all program to a highly personalized benefits package. This move helps the organization stand out and attract accounts since it allows you to give employees what they need.

But how do you know what your employees want for the voluntary benefits? Enter technology and digital benefit platforms such as Benefits Zone. They help bridge the sometimes large disconnect between what employers offer and what employees want.

A digital benefits platform connects employees to benefit choices and allows employers to make quick changes or updates to benefits information. This also gives your organization insight into crucial engagement metrics to help inform your plan offerings. At the end of the day, you’ll not only attract new talent but also keep the current employees happy.

2. Engage Employees

75% of employees state that they are ready for open enrollment. However, many of them still have challenges in understanding some of their benefits choices. Digital benefits platforms facilitate communication and engagement with the employees to ensure they make informed choices.

Your organization does not have to reach out to the entire workforce with the same message since engagement metrics help you tailor messaging. Digital benefits platforms that include a communication component can help the benefits team reach segments of employees with unique messages.

Text messages are a very engaging communication method. Indeed, nearly all text messages are opened and read. It also gives employees an easy way to reply with any questions. The SMS messaging feature helps benefits teams reply quickly to questions or requests.

Additionally, a messaging platform provides employees with crucial updates and information regarding the benefits via text messages. Timely updates and fast responses to questions makes a messaging component critical for any digital benefits solution. Coupled with a centralized resource hub, digital engagement platforms help drive engagement and enrollment.

In short, everything that employees need is available in the benefits toolkit since they can even research the benefits and enroll directly.

3. Retain Accounts

Getting information regarding employee benefits is essential before, during, and even after the open enrollment. With technology, employees have easy access to resources and can find them from anywhere, anytime. In case of a change in life circumstance, the employees can easily research relevant additional benefits.

Additionally, when benefits decisions include family members, technology becomes even more useful and efficient. Employees can sit with their families at their convenience and review every plan before making a decision. They won’t need to take copious notes, print dozens of pages, or remember the crucial details in each plan, as is the case with conventional systems.

The digital benefits platform also allows employees to manage online accounts, giving them access to key tools and even file claims where need be.

Leverage Technology to Attract, Engage, and Retain More Accounts

Using a digital benefits platform like Benefits Zone helps your organization better manage the open enrollment process. Then, note an increased efficiency in attracting, engaging, and retaining more accounts. When you factor in this efficiency and the time it saves on administrative tasks, it’s easy to realize why so many organizations are currently embracing technology for open enrollment.

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