In this new remote workforce era, it’s more important than ever that benefits are accessible to employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To stay competitive as an organization, you must do your best to keep up with today’s employee benefits technology. Technology such as online benefits enrollment capabilities and digital marketing materials make it easier for their employees to access their benefits. Further, technology also allows you to optimize your benefits offerings to attract, engage, and retain top talent for your organization.

Technology Allows Employees to Adjust Benefits

With the help of online benefits capabilities, employees can not only access their benefits selections but make adjustments to them as well. If they need to remove a dental benefits selection from their list of chosen health benefits, they can do this anytime in an enrollment window through their organization’s online platform. Utilizing technology is a convenient and flexible means for your busy employees. By offering competitive benefits through technological means, your organization builds a huge advantage in attracting new talent since you can manage and administer benefits at a global level through technology.

Support Your Staff With the Benefits They Need

When an employee starts working at a company, they want to be given quality benefits that meet their needs. Research shows that employee benefits are the second most-valued job offer criteria. One report shows that 82% of employees agree that their employer-provided benefits make them feel valued by their organization. With so much uncertainty today, it is important you provide the right options that will meet your employees’ health needs. When something happens to them or their families, they want to feel secure that they are covered enough for their personal care. During these difficult times, employers must provide support to current and potential future employees in offering personalized adequate benefits.

Online Enrollment More Convenient Than Paper

Many employers used to provide their employees with paper documents for them to enroll in health benefits. But today, technology has allowed employers to enable their employees to apply for benefits online. Online enrollment has made things convenient and accessible for employees to apply for benefits quickly. It also saves the company money from using printing operations to produce enrollment applications and print marketing materials.  Instead of using marketing materials such as brochures to highlight their list of benefits, many companies utilize digital marketing materials and internal communication channels to provide information about their employer-based benefits.

Employers Can Effectively Administer Benefits

Benefits technology has made things easier for managers who organize enrollment activity. Online platforms consolidate this activity when integrated to eliminate manual processes.  Benefits managers are then able to reduce repetitive, time-consuming tasks while administering benefits. This also helps improve engagement for employers in recruiting top talent for their company.

Another interesting tool that is being used by benefits managers is the benefits analytics tool. This tool gives them real-time data to figure out which benefits are being used the most and by which employee group. This data will help human resources to develop future benefit options for their prospective employees. The engagement data from this type of tool also makes it easier for employers to provide personalized benefit plans for their employees’ needs.

Technology Transforming Benefits for the Better

Technology has transformed the administering and personalizing of benefits for companies that has benefited both them and their employees. It can not only help streamline the benefits process, but it also puts employees in charge of their benefits. It’s especially useful giving employees the flexibility of when and how they want to activate benefits. If you have your own business, we could work with you in integrating employee benefits technology through our tools. For more information on how we could help, please contact us today.