Seamless Data Integration

We don’t want to change the way you work – we just want to make it better. We are committed to making it easy to integrate CardTapp to all of the software and tech you’re already using. Our team has done numerous native integrations and connect our system with ease through Zapier.

Calendar Integrations

Benefits Zone integrates with your existing calendars. Our Virtual Engagement platform allows policyholders and prospective policyholders to engage with approved content and schedule a meeting using your existing calendar system.

Phone Integrations

Integrate your Benefits Zone Virtual Engagement platform with your existing phone system for simple, automated voice engagement

  • One tap click-to-call integration to existing phone system

  • Get your own Benefits Zone business line for easy communication

CRM Integrations

Say “goodbye” to the days of manual data entry and say “hello” to seamless lead insertion by integrating your existing CRM with Benefits Zone.

  • Reduce time spent manually entering lead data

  • Integrated forms to automate data flow

Enrollment Integration

Connect your existing self-enrollment platform to Benefits Zone so that policyholders can view, edit, modify or add to their existing policies.

A better and smarter way to engage

Increase Broker and Agent productivity with powerful integrations to your existing systems including calendar, voice, customer relationship management systems, and enrollment platforms

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