It’s no secret that it’s been a strange year. Business as usual looks different because of changes in the economy. Because of this, there are some important changes and trends benefits teams should consider when creating a benefits marketing plan. When considering emerging trends in HR, it’s clear that technology continues to have a huge importance on businesses. In fact, things like benefits marketing technology will likely play a huge role in future benefits strategies.

Here are a few ways to easily introduce technology to your existing benefits marketing plan.

Text Employees

Texting is an incredibly effective form of communication. In fact, nearly all text messages are opened. Text messages are a quick and easy way to distribute important benefits information and updates. For example, a reminder text message for an upcoming deadline or event is easy to act on. Employees simply open the message and click a link if necessary.

Offer an App

A virtual engagement solution like Benefits Zone helps companies stay connected with employees regardless of where they are. Making benefits information easily available to employees makes it more likely that they will access it. A digital benefits solution collects necessary benefits information, tools, and resources and puts it at employees’ fingertips. They can access the information whenever and wherever it’s convenient. This makes it more likely that they will access it, which increases the likelihood of enrollment.

Use Engagement Metrics to Inform Benefits

Another benefit of a digital solution is that benefits teams can collect engagement insights. How employees interact with different benefits offerings can indicate how valuable or popular those offerings are. Using engagement data can help benefits teams create an effective benefits offering. Using data to inform benefits not only helps serve employees but also helps maximize employee satisfaction and streamline Open Enrollment. Since engagement insights can indicate when an employee might have questions on a particular benefit, it’s easy to ensure the workforce understands available benefits.

Get Started with Benefits Marketing Technology

Benefits Zone is a virtual engagement platform that makes it easy to incorporate technology into your Open Enrollment season. We help benefits teams collect current offerings into a centralized hub, coordinate texts to drive enrollment, and provide valuable engagement insights. Want an easy way to incorporate benefits marketing technology into your benefits plan? Schedule a demo today!


Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels