Industry leaders and corporate giants are all expecting a plethora of changes for benefits enrollment through 2020. With the current business climate and changes the world has seen, the trend towards virtual benefits meetings and online enrollment has been accelerated. With these evolutions, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your benefits team is prepared with a digital benefits strategy. The basics of a digital benefits strategy should include digital enrollment, communication, and marketing components. Here are a few ways that Benefits Zone can help prepare you for a new kind of open enrollment.

Easy Education

Digital benefits platforms like Benefits Zone aim to help employees in researching options—this creates convenience and efficiency. Whether it’s walking the dog or switching over laundry, employees can educate themselves at any time. These digital solutions work to make benefits portable, while also encourages employees to research the full set of offerings.

Along with the added value to the employee, digitizing benefits allows for the employers and employees to work together to most efficiently define which benefits work best for each individual employee. This overall process not only makes becoming familiar with benefits that much easier, but it also helps establish the best benefits for an employee.

Convenient Communication 

Among the necessities of successful digital benefits techniques is the incorporation of communication plans. At times, employees can be difficult to reach. This rings especially true for remote work environments. The absence of meeting in-person can often make it difficult to build awareness, despite the increased flexibility.

The ability to communicate in a way that can easily resonate with employees remains important. According to Smarp’s rising trends for leadership communication, text messages offer the range and versatility that is associated with key concepts such as: having a direct channel, engaging employees, preventing miscommunication, while aligning all members and teams together. This is why text messages are a great way to communicate benefits information. Not only is it the quickest method, but it’s also more likely to be opened and read than any other form of communication. Texting benefits reminders, deadlines, and other vital information can be a great way to keep benefits in front of employees while also delivering important messages.

Digital Marketing

As it’s safe to assume this year’s strategy likely won’t include in-person meetings, benefits marketing needs to adapt. Indeed, physical brochures, flyers, and handouts should be converted into digital files to keep information readily available.

Compiling enrollment materials in a digital solution makes it easier for employees  to review all of the offerings. In order to maximize a digital solution, deliver important content through engaging mediums like videos or strong graphics to make it easy to understand.

Easily Create an Effective Digital Benefits Strategy With Benefit Zone

Benefits Zone is a virtual employee engagement solution that creates a centralized hub for delivering and accessing benefits information. Benefits Zone collects information, tools, and other resources in one single location for easy access. Additionally, Benefits Zone helps benefits teams engage with employees through text messages. Benefits Zone works with each client to curate an app that effectively presents benefits solutions while being simple to access.

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