Responding quickly to employee requests is an important part of a successful Open Enrollment. Because the benefits team is often dealing with a relatively short window, it is important to use available time to drive enrollment. Therefore,  it is critical to respond quickly to employee’s questions or requests. The more responsive the benefits team can be, the higher the likelihood that employees interested in benefits will enroll.

Here are a couple of ways the Benefits Zone app helps benefits teams be more responsive, which can drive enrollment.

Monitor Requests and Questions

The agent dashboard serves as an activity hub to keep track of submitted requests so that you can track them closely and respond quickly. Better yet, use the notes functionality to track questions or interests employees have. With the tag feature, you can note which employees are pending follow-up. These tools not only help organize and manage employee subsets, but they also help stay on top of consistent and timely follow-up.

Anticipate Requests

To be even more responsive to employees’ needs, be sure to pay attention to their activity within the benefits toolkit. Frequent clicks on certain resources may indicate that they have a question about that offering. Proactive outreach to potentially interested employees will likely improve enrollment.

Get Ready to Drive Enrollment

A virtual engagement app like Benefits Zone gives you everything you need for rapid response time. Not only does it provide several avenues for employees to connect with the benefits team, but it also gives the benefits team key insights on employee activity. Indeed, being able to predict employees interests and questions helps teams respond quickly to employees’ needs.


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels