It is irrefutable that leads are invaluable in the field of sales and marketing. Unlike prospects, leads are already aware of the product (benefits) and have an interest in using the tool. But that’s still not enough. Benefits teams need to have effective lead management by nurturing and prioritizing the leads for better results. Like in the oil refinery process; the crude oil has to be subjected to some level of transformation to extract impurities so that the outcome is purified oil products. Similarly, through engagement insights, a digital benefits tool can help agents prioritize leads (employees) and improve their chances of enrolling. We’ve prepared this article to help you understand how engagement insights can prioritize leads. Let’s dive in!

Prioritizing Leads With Engagement Scoring

While lead tracking allows you to manage the actions and behaviors of leads in the sales journey, engagement scoring enables agents to prioritize the leads by determining which ones are closer to enrolling in benefits.

In other words, engagement insights help agents decide which leads are sales-ready and which ones are not. Fortunately, the new Benefits Zone interface uses an automatic engagement scoring system to highlight employees who are likely to be the most interested in benefits. These employees are, therefore, considered to be the “hottest” leads, in that, they are closer to enrollment. This new technology relies on engagement insights that assign engagement scores and determine which employees are most likely to enroll.

The best part is that agents or enrollers will now have higher chances of enrolling employees in benefits. For instance, instead of “low converting” cold calls, they make warm calls that are more likely to convert. Indeed, it’s an interaction with leads who have already shown an interest in the benefit offerings.

In short, the sales team will get the most out of their follow-ups through concentrating on the ‘low hanging fruit’ informed by the engagement scoring system.

How Engagement Insights Scoring Drives Results

Apart from getting the most mileage out of the “hottest” leads, there are some ways through which engagement insights will help to inform the sales strategy. Of course, agents will gain valuable insights that help them optimize their engagement strategy and avoid approaches that aren’t bringing worthy results. In addition, engagement insights help agents:

1. Connect With Employees 

In addition to automatically assigning employees engagement scores based on their actions, the engagement scoring system connects agents directly with the employees’ contact information by way of a contact card. This gives agents access to employees’ information, which is critical when following up through calls, emails, texting, among other means.

2. Access Data-Driven Insights 

The engagement scoring system uses analytics to inform and assign employees engagement scores. This makes the data more reliable, sound, and performance-oriented. For instance, the actionable data could be used in managing employee retention in the workplace. In turn, these types of value-added benefits to companies help benefits providers case retention rates.

3. Save Time  

By knowing the most interested leads, the agents also identify where to put most of their time, money, and effort. Therefore, it does not only help to maximize the results but also uses the available resources efficiently.

Turn Engagement Insights Into Results

The modern business world is driven by data. And as some would say, data is king! However, you do not only need benefits technology to turn raw data into actionable insights but, most importantly, tangible results. Request a demo or reach out to us to learn more about the engagement scoring system.