Everyone knows it: there’s a lot of power to be found in numbers. Did you know that this is especially true when it comes to benefits marketing? Collaborative benefits marketing helps drive enrollment, but implementing it requires certain considerations.

Collaborative benefits marketing means that numerous stakeholders play a part in the same benefits offering. When that happens, it’s critical for everyone to be on the same page. Benefits teams that cannot collaborate successfully often struggle to see success.

High-quality collaboration and communication ultimately lead to dependable results. Integrating these practices into your benefits approach also makes enrollment easier for employees. Working together as a benefits team plays a part in numerous greater areas of the benefits marketing process.

Develop a Strong Benefits Offering

When benefits teams have various stakeholders, each stakeholder has his/her own unique information to bring to the table. For example:

  • HR has key insights into the company’s culture and what types of marketing initiatives have produced positive results in the past
  • Brokers and agents have a good understanding of industry trends; they also understand what types of offerings resonate with employees
  • Agents and enrollers know what things employees are asking about whether they’re asking questions about offerings that aren’t available or  existing offerings

Members of all of these groups can work together to create and present benefits offerings that are appealing to employees. When you present strong benefits offerings to your employees, there’s a greater likelihood they’ll participate in benefits programs.

Maximize the Value of the Benefits Plan With Collaborative Benefits Marketing

Collaboration on the front-end while teams prepare benefits offerings can contribute to fewer issues in the future. When everyone works together, it’s easier for benefits teams to ensure that the coverage they anticipate is included in each of the offerings. It’s one of the easiest ways to save time– you clarify coverage for both the company itself and for its employees.

Brokers can use their knowledge of best practices in the benefits industry to teams’ advantages. Look to brokers for advice on coverage options that can save time and pull in additional money on future claims.

Collaborative Benefits Marketing Makes It Easy to Present a Unified Message

When it comes time to launch an Open Enrollment, a unified approach to benefits is absolutely critical; but did you know that a unified message is just as important if someone is assisting an individual employee with benefits questions?

Collaborative benefits marketing helps ensure that every member of a benefits team is on the same page. The result? Everyone responds to employees consistently. This improves employees’ understanding of benefits and makes your team’s job much easier.

A virtual benefits solution like Benefits Zone (benefits.zone) is a great way to help a benefits team approach benefits marketing as a unified team. Collaborative benefits marketing helps make it easier for benefits teams and employees to understand and utilize the benefits they need. 

Get Started On Collaborative Benefits Marketing Today With Benefits Zone

Benefits Zone is a virtual employee engagement tool that helps benefits teams deliver benefits information to employees. Benefits Zone makes it easy for teams to work together to create a valuable resource for employees to access whenever it’s convenient.

  • It routes employees to the appropriate member of the benefits team to streamline communication and reduce frustration
  • It gives benefits teams valuable engagement insights into how employees are interacting with benefits offerings

Looking to kickstart your collaborative benefits marketing plan? Benefits Zone can help. Schedule a demo today to find out more about how a collaborative approach to benefits marketing may give your organization just what it needs.