2020 has seen the global normalcy for most things change in response to COVID-19. The economy and the labor force have been restructured like never before. There have been significant changes in how and where we work with most people working remotely for safety measures. Hence, the rising demand for digital solutions to manage employees and their needs. Having a strong 2021 strategy will be key to success. Indeed, there are several predictions to keep in mind when making plans for the upcoming year.

To stay in line with changes, here are a few predictions for 2021 and how Benefits Zone can help create an effective 2021 strategy.

About Benefits Zone

Benefits Zone is a virtual employee engagement solution for businesses to connect employees with benefits offerings. The solution helps save employers and employees the time and headache of managing employee benefits. It also helps employers engage employees and employees engage with their benefits.

Some Predictions for 2021

1. Improved Employee Experience

After a year full of volatility and uncertainty, employees are ready to enjoy their job.  Expect employees to look for an improved employee experience in the coming year. For example, things like diversity and inclusion initiatives, real-time feedback, and emphasis on employee engagement will become key. This year, HR will likely have more involvement with other elements like recruitment or communication.

2. More Focus on Employee Well-Being

Consider the employees’ wellbeing in 2021, focusing on their mental health and safety.  There will be a demand for transparency and accountability from the workforce, especially for wellness information. Motivate, engage, and connect with employees still working to keep them productive. The provision of more flexible hours, day-offs in times of need, and wholistic benefits by the benefits managers should also be incorporated to accommodate the workforce’s needs and upgrade employee’s wellbeing.

3. HR Will Become More Scalable

HR’s role evolved more during COVID-19. Duties like recruiting a remote workforce, managing remote employees, keeping up with the increased automation, and concentrating on the inclusion of every employee in the duties of the business have become their new norm. Indeed, these functions have become a part of the job.

Incorporating Predictions into a 2021 Strategy

In order to stay ahead of these predictions, companies should work to incorporate elements of them into their 2021 strategy. In fact, an expanded role of HR in the workplace is critical to employee retention and satisfaction, which lead to productivity. Start by creating a plan to build or repair employee morale. After a hard year, making sure employees are satisfied with their job is critical. Therefore, ask employees how they’re feeling and what the company can do to make their work more enjoyable.

Next, make sure existing benefits offering take a wholistic approach. Things like mental health and financial wellness benefits grew in popularity during 2020. Make sure to offer these types of solutions to employees. To keep up with the growing role of HR, consider investing in benefits technology to streamline benefits.

Benefits Zone and Your 2021 Strategy

This is where Benefits Zone comes into play. It’s an easy way to help HR scale by number of employees or number of states. The platform streamlines the benefits process and helps HR engage with a remote and decentralized workforce. It serves as an “air traffic controller” to help guide employees to the resources or contact information they need without needing to contact HR. Benefits Zone can also integrate into a company’s Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) to keep information accurate and updated.

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels