It’s no lie that today’s business environment is increasingly volatile amid constant business disruptions. Like in the current scenario, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected workplaces and how businesses operate. It goes without saying there has also been an increase in the adoption of technology and automation solutions. This has all resulted in a rapid shift into flexible work schedules as well as work-from-home formulas. In fact, according to a recent survey by McKinsey, nine out of ten companies will make the shift to a hybrid work model. Also, 55% of the US workforce favor a combination of both office and remote working. That means that hybrid workstations, where businesses combine both office and remote working, will be inevitable, particularly in this post-pandemic working environment. However, more than ever, companies will be required to invest in a strong and thriving corporate culture.

The management will undoubtedly have fewer interactions with the remote team, and the team will also not interact as much with their peers, particularly fellow remote workers. Therefore, companies should consider adding software and tools like Benefits Zone to maximize communication, track, and ensure that both the remote and in-office teams are working efficiently.

Let’s see how a digital benefit tool can help you maintain a strong corporate culture in a hybrid work model.

Improved Communication and Distribution to Maintain a Strong Corporate Culture in a Hybrid Workplace

On top of the increase in employees’ access to the benefits information and resources, Benefits Zone streamlines communication in the entire workforce. The remote team can efficiently and easily access benefits or reach out to HR as well as the in-office team. The platform’s ease of use allows employees to increase their engagement and participation, thus increasing interaction.

Management also gets to prioritize open and unified communication, which is very vital in building a strong corporate culture. A digital benefits tool connects the workforce with their benefits options wherever they are. Also, it helps streamline communication, particularly with remote workers. It’s best practice for the organizations to commit to unified and effective communication for a strong corporate culture.

Better Employee Experience 

Obviously, benefits play a significant role in ensuring employees feel valued, regardless of their workplace environment. When employees feel valued and recognized, they live by their organization’s core values, purpose, and practices, leading to a solid culture. Unfortunately, according to a TruPath report, only 21 percent of employees feel they’re strongly valued at their workplaces.

But increased access and ease of distribution for benefits options leads to improved satisfaction for employees. It also helps them to more effectively manage the work-life balance which has never been more critical amid the pandemic’s distresses. Additionally, companies gain engagement insights critical in managing employee retention, enhancing productivity, and recruiting new talent.

Room for Adjustments 

A great part about a digital benefits toolkit is the room for adjustment and improvement. In other words, the tool is customizable. Companies can tailor it towards their specifications and preferences. The company’s project management team can add and integrate updates into the app and notify the workforce of the updated info via text messages.

And don’t forget that text messaging is one of the best ways to connect with your employees as it exhibits a nearly 100 percent open rate. Dynamic and flexible approaches provided by Benefits Zone are what organizations need to thrive with current tech advancements.

Maintain a Strong Corporate Culture in a Hybrid Workplace

The Benefits Zone platform will seamlessly streamline communication, increase engagement, and improve employees’ experience in a hybrid workplace. Ultimately, Benefits Zone helps make the hybrid workforce happy, and they feel valued working at their companies.

Our platform can help you avoid several of the 10 red flags of a toxic hybrid workplace. Contact us or request a demo today to learn more about a custom mobile benefits toolkit.