More Engagement.
More Premium.

Benefits Zone facilitates engagement with your cases and educates employees throughout the enrollment process. Our tool will save you and your clients time, all while driving premium and increasing retention

Amplify Messaging

Increase your access to employees to close communication gaps and amplify messaging throughout Open Enrollment.

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Market Differentiation

Differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace with mobile engagement technology that will save your clients time and increase renewals.

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Increase Retention

Deliver an employee communication tool to cases that deepens your relationships and drives retention.

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Mobile Benefits Hub

Benefits Zone is a mobile platform that allows Brokers to provide employee access to resources, tools, and policy information on the go.

  • Benefits Toolkit is shareable via SMS

  • Increase engagement and stickiness factor in case

Benefits Flip Book

Create a ready-made digital flip book so that employees can review benefits from their mobile phone and receive via email through our robust document functionality

  • Each Broker is able to customize its flip book with benefits content through our flexible Benefits Zone platform that allows for real-time mobile app updates.

  • Reduce printing costs and provide the most up-to-date benefits guide during open enrollment.

Direct Communication

Communicate deadlines, virtual benefit fair dates, and enrollment milestones via text message to employees. Increase employee education within cases and create alignment with HR teams. Employees can self-educate, self-service, and self-enroll.

  • Reduce burden on HR teams and benefits administrators

  • Integrated forms to respond to employees questions quickly

Analytics & Integrations

Monitor Benefits Toolkit adoption and employee usage from our management dashboard with real-time engagement insights as employees engage with the mobile benefits toolkit.

  • Analytics hub provides critical KPIs on policyholder education.

  • Manage decentralized or remote agents and enrollment teams

SMS Messaging

Reduce management costs, save time, and streamline employee onboarding through an easy-to-manage SMS messaging platform.

  • 1-to-1 SMS Messaging

    Leverage a case-specific employee messaging hub for streamlined communications.

  • Bulk SMS Messaging

    Empower employees through outreach, education, content, and calls-to-action.

  • SMS Auto-Response Keyword

    Benefits Zone provides an SMS Keyword that allows the app to be easily shared throughout the entire account and as new employees are brought on board.

A better and smarter way to engage

Benefits Zone facilitates engagement with your cases and educates employees throughout the enrollment process.

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