Open Enrollment season is going to look much different this year. With increasingly decentralized and remote workforces, benefits teams are working up new ways to promote benefits with limited in-person interactions. Though there are some hybrid benefits conferences with an in-person component, most tactics will likely be virtual. Market changes are making it imperative to add “virtual value” that continues to help businesses promote benefits while minimizing direct contact with employees.

Embrace the Change

Virtual solutions are not a new trend. In fact, smartphones have changed the way business has been conducted for a number of years. The market already has an enormous number of people who prefer to engage with businesses through online methods. With this already being the case, we have proof that there are effective strategies and approaches for doing business virtually. This trend may not have extended to corporate community, but employees would likely welcome more opportunities to engage online. While we are now forced to make these changes to adapt to the current environment, adding virtual elements to your benefits strategy will prove to be valuable even when the current crisis is over.

Brainstorm How You Can Go Virtual

While you may not be showing homes or reading storybooks, you can still add virtual value. Identify which marketing strategies you would ordinarily use to promote benefits. In a normal business environment, you might:

  • Host a lunch & learn
  • Plan a benefits fair
  • Participate in company meetings to promote benefits options

Now is the time to consider how to deliver that same content in a new way. Consider how your existing content from a traditional setting could translate to a video, webinar, or even a live stream.

Incorporate Your Virtual Strategy Into Physical Outreach

You can consolidate virtual and physical marketing strategies in a number of ways. If you think outside the box, you can fuse virtual and physical strategies for a benefits marketing campaign. Think of ways to create that fusion. You could:

  • Provide a packet of seeds to grow while social distancing along with a flyer. Include a link to a webinar or live stream to a course for first time 401(k) investors.
  • Team up with a local restaurant (who will undoubtedly be looking for new sales ideas too) to supply a cookie, drink, and/or chips to registrants of virtual training sessions on how and why to enroll in benefits, the importance of life insurance, or other topics. Voila – a virtual “lunch and learn”.
  • Collaborate with key managers by hosting a virtual breakfast, coffee, or even happy hour. Discuss key benefits offerings and how to utilize and promote them.

Promote Benefits with Virtual Value

Ultimately, your goal is to stand out and make it easy for your employees to engage with you and your benefits offerings. Virtual value allows you to drive enrollment and maximize employee satisfaction. Make it as easy as possible for people to access your virtual activities with Benefits Zone. To do this, you’ll likely need to do some research and find the best online resource. Don’t forget to encourage employees to text your case keyword to 36260 so you can capture valuable engagement insights.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels