Case Management

Manage multiple cases at once with a global view of all cases that contains a snapshot of key information for each like Open Enrollment start and end dates or pending messages

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Streamlined & Organized

Easily manage multiple cases at a glance. Keep track of days left in an Open Enrollment period or outstanding messages that need addressed.

Organized Collection of Cases

Stop wasting time looking up critical information for each case and review the specifics with a single glance. The dashboard gives agents a snapshot of all cases and key components of each.

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Easy-to-Use Agent Interface

Agents have the option to access valuable case engagement insights on a computer with the Desktop Agent Interface.

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Data-Driven Tasks 

Benefits toolkits collect thousands of data-points that are transformed into actionable tasks to help agents serve employees and drive enrollment.

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Flexible Case Management Options

Log tasks, notes, and monitor employee activity as they engage with the mobile benefits app before, during, and after open enrollment through a case-specific dashboard.

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Data-driven sales enablement

Data presented as actionable tasks helps agents prioritize follow-up to better serve Employees and drive enrollment.

Organized, Strategic, and Accessible

  • Keep cases organized, saving time searching for case details
  • Access case information on-the-go with a desktop interface

  • Engage employees and streamline enrollment with data-driven actionable tasks

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