Text marketing is increasingly growing as a popular and effective digital marketing trend. Since its introduction in 1992, it has proven to be an effective tool for personal communications and business operations. Research shows that most businesses are using SMS for most business operations, including marketing, sales, recruitment, and customer service. In fact, text messages are 35 times more likely to be read than emails, and 8 out of 10 customers prefer business text messages over emails and phone calls. This information has implications for employee benefits as well. Indeed with such a strong trend towards text marketing, any member of a benefits team should consider getting an enhanced text messaging interface for easier communication with eligible employees. Here’s how the Benefit Zone platform can help benefits providers leverage a text messaging interface for success.

About the Benefit Zone Text Messaging Interface

Engaging employees, communicating benefits meetings, and providing timely follow-up can be difficult, especially in the pandemic era, which has forced many employees to work remotely or adopt a hybrid work schedule. Therefore, Benefit Zone developed a solution that creates an easy and effective way for benefits teams to connect their employees with their benefits, wherever they are. Benefits Zone provides a customized app that contains a company’s benefits resources. Additionally, it includes a text messaging interface. The text messaging interface is an easy-to-use and effective system that allows for easier communication between benefits providers, employees, and employers. It helps employees review benefit plans, contact their benefits advisors, and even enroll.

Benefits of the Text Messaging Interface

1. More Accessibility

Research shows that 56% of the world’s population increased their mobile usage during the pandemic. This means that most employees are often on their phones and can easily see and respond to a text message. With Benefit Zone’s enhanced text message interface, agents have even easier access to text messages through the messaging dashboard. It keeps case-related messages in one centralized place and highlights unread messages. This helps agents follow-up with employees quickly and focus on employees who are the most interested in benefits. The enhanced interface also creates a dedicated text message thread with text history, allowing agents to easily follow-up on previous communication.

2. Better Engagement

The text messaging system allows for better engagement between employees and their benefits team. It allows for one-on-one messaging, thus engaging employees on an individual level. This way, employees can ask questions directly or even get clarification. The enhanced interface also makes follow-up easy through the ability to schedule messaging campaigns, thus increasing engagement. Agents can schedule follow-up messages and set reminders to ensure employees get important information when they need it and follow-up on deals to drive enrollment.

3. Higher Deliverability

The Benefit Zone text messaging system makes it easier to manage communication with multiple employees across multiple cases, making message deliverability high. It allows agents and HR teams to do bulk messaging, which entails sending a message to multiple employees with the click of a button. Thus, saving time and making the work less tedious. Text messages make benefits easier to access and harder to ignore. This means employee engagement is more likely than with other communication platforms.

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The goal of the Benefit Zone Text messaging system is to streamline the employee benefits process. With this customizable app, companies can add updates, internal schedules, or announcements to the app. Then, use a text message to drive employees to the new or updated resource. Are you ready for an easy way to engage employees and connect them with their benefits? Contact us today for a demo.