Your old communication methods may have worked for Boomer and Gen X employees, but it’s time to rethink your benefits marketing strategy. As Millennials begin to move into leadership positions and your company hires its first Gen Z workers, adjusting to the skills and interests of the tech-savvy younger generations help to meet your younger employees where they are. Millennials brought the beginning of using technology on a daily basis into the workforce. Next, Gen Z who has never known a world without technology is starting to arrive. Now that more and more of your employees have grown up with smartphones, Wi-Fi, and other technology, incorporating flexibility and digital solutions into your benefits marketing, as well as the rest of the structure of your company, is a must. Benefits Marketing to Gen Z and Millennials is not necessarily difficult, but it does require a plan.

Use Texting for Benefits Marketing to Gen Z and Millennials

It’s no secret that different generations gravitate toward different methods of communication. Traditional paper benefits brochures and email reminders may have served your company well in the past. However, many of your younger employees are more likely to throw away paper fliers and delete advertising emails. Millennials and Gen Z grew up communicating through text, which resulted in every text message being opened and read. For this reason, successful benefits marketing to Gen Z and Millennials should include a texting component.

Use Social Media to Connect With Your Employees

Creating a strong and engaging social media presence is crucial for any successful company in the 21st century. Both your customers and your employees spend more time on social media than in the past. Thus, it is important to take advantage of social media as both a marketing tool and employee engagement tool. While we still wouldn’t recommend “friending” your employees on Facebook, using internal company forums can be an easy way to keep your younger employees in the loop by sharing announcements and updates in a way that will actually get read. Chances are, many of your younger employees know more about social media than you do. Therefore, it can be helpful to solicit fun ideas from some of your employees to create engaging online content.

Go Digital to Keep Your Employees Engaged

Now that your younger employees are used to having technology, it is critical to use it to keep their attention. Creating easy-to-access, digital solutions increases employee flexibility, which increases engagement. Designing a mobile app for your company provides your younger employees with all the tools and resources they need.

Check All the Boxes With Benefits Zone

Benefits Zone combines these strategies to create an easy way for your younger workers to learn about benefits information. This platform offers bulk texting, sharing capabilities, and other features that help you engage with your employees. Although also valuable for employees outside of the youngest generations, Benefits Zone is an ideal approach for benefits marketing to Gen Z and Millennial  employees.

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