It’s time to enroll in benefits and many companies are dealing with a decentralized workforce for the first time. Even with employees working in the office, benefits marketing plans can be hard to create and execute effectively. The current complexity of a remote and decentralized workforce adds a whole new set of challenges for HR professionals and benefits managers. A virtual engagement tool like Benefits Zone can help. Benefits Zone is a tool that helps businesses connect with employees to drive benefits enrollment. Here are three ways Benefits Zone can bring clarity to marketing benefits to a remote workforce.

Offer a Centralized Benefits Resource

The primary goal for virtual engagement tools is to streamline the enrollment process and make enrolling in benefits easier for everyone involved. These tools should collect benefits offerings, resources, and key contacts in one centralized place. This means that companies can use a tool like Benefits Zone to drive enrollment and create an easy-to-use interface for employees. Benefits Zone helps companies:

  • Distribute benefits resources digitally
  • Give employees access to benefits information to review when it’s convenient for them
  • Quickly communicate updates, deadlines, or reminders via text messages
  • Efficiently handle employee requests
  • Direct benefits requests to the appropriate party

Leverage a Digital Benefits Marketing Tool

Virtual engagement tools should be easy to distribute and easy to use. With Benefits Zone, employees simply text a keyword to a phone number then receive a link to the app. This method of sharing creates an ideal benefits marketing solution.  So, simply prompt employees to “text yourkeyword to 36260”. If your company is planning any in-person events, you can add the keyword to printed materials like posters or signs. Otherwise, use the keyword to reach out to a remote workforce by including it in:

  • Open enrollment packet(s) inserts
  • Reminder postcards
  • HR email signatures
  • Posts or updates on a company intranet
  • Reminder emails

Add Value to Enrolled Employees

Your virtual engagement tool should be a “one-stop shop” for enrolled employees. For example, an app should include all available benefits resources and forms. In addition to resources, the app should also connect enrolled employees with relevant benefits systems and contacts.

Additionally, easy access to FAQs and commonly requested forms can help save significant amounts of time and a lot of “back-and-forth” via email. Making important resources and contact information readily available for employees also reduces the amount of frustration that can go into the benefits or claims process.

Your Benefits Marketing Tool Outside of Open Enrollment

Another critical piece of benefits marketing is that it extends beyond the open enrollment period. When you use a digital benefits resource, it continues to add value to employees. This means that employees are connected with the company throughout the year. They have easy access not only to claims and benefits information but to key benefits contacts as well.

With Benefits Zone, companies also have easy access to their employees because the solution offers a bulk texting feature. This feature allows companies to not only coordinate texts with benefits-related updates but general company information as well. Companies can also monitor employee activity through Benefits Zone in order to better understand their benefits needs.