When most sales and marketing managers think about marketing, the first thing that likely comes to mind is marketing their products to prospects and existing customers. If you are yet to incorporate employee benefits marketing, you are missing out on a lot. Indeed, employee benefits marketing is one of the ways you market yourself as an employer. The type of workers you have in your organization and how you treat them play a critical role in how people view your brand amid competitors. Further, marketing for new benefits is crucial, especially amid the pandemic and economic downturn, which is likely to lead to a much different open enrollment. These factors will likely also change the effectiveness of employees’ benefits options, and organizations must think of different strategies to match the current economic climate.

The recent recession, which is likely to have a long recovery, calls for a new benefits plan if you want to attract and keep new talent.

Why Develop New Benefits Options

Customer Satisfaction

Incorporating new employee benefits shows your workers that you value and appreciate them. In fact, it proves that you are invested in their well-being, and this boosts their morale. If they are happy, they will serve customers willingly with a smile – increasing customer satisfaction.

Reduced Employee Turnover

A toxic culture and lack of appreciation are among the top causes of employee turnover. By offering employees attractive benefits, they feel that you care about them. You make them feel that you not only see them as your workers but also as equals, and they can confide in you. This helps to create a better work environment, reduce employee turnover, and maximize productivity.

The Face of Benefits Offerings Is Changing

Things like financial wellness and mental health benefits are taking center stage during the pandemic, which is likely a different set of priorities for employees. Consider new benefits that focus mainly on these areas. Your workers need to know that they can count on you during these hard times.

How Do You Come Up With New Benefit Options?


Start by conducting in-depth research on the new trends in the benefits landscape. This will give you insight into what benefits will add unique value in the recession period. Further, benefits like financial wellness, mental health benefits, integrated savings accounts, and resilience training will help you stay competitive among other employers.

Check What Your Competitors Are Offering

You can draw inspiration from your peer group, then strive to outdo them. You can also ask your broker for recommendations on benefits gaining popularity among your industry.

Employees’ Votes

Ask your workers to vote or give suggestions on what benefits they would like you to incorporate based on their struggles.

Develop a Plan Based on Your Findings

Evaluate your findings to determine if the benefits are good for your company. Consider the cost of implementing them compared to their potential benefits before making a final decision.

Marketing For New Benefits Options

Make the Offerings Easy to Access and Understand

The first tip for marketing your new benefit options is by making them accessible to all workers. Ensure that every employee understands what they entail. Then, give them a chance to share their opinions. You can take advantage of a virtual benefits toolkit like Benefits Zone to make accessing benefits convenient and flexible. To help employees to access and understand the benefits:

  • Use videos and infographics to showcase the value of the offerings
  • Provide workers with a platform where they can submit questions and feedback regarding the offerings
  • Lastly, come up with a strategy to measure the success of your marketing efforts

Use Engagement Insights to Evaluate Offering

Again, you can ask employees for feedback on the offerings through traditional methods like questionnaires or forms. Alternatively, you can use a virtual benefits solution to determine which benefits employees prefer. By reviewing engagement data, benefits teams gain a great deal of insight. For example, frequently clicked resources are likely to be the most interesting benefits.

You may use the data collected in the testing period to reach out to workers through interviews and focus groups. Indeed, this will help you gain more qualitative data to get a clear picture of which benefits you should prioritize.

Get Started Marketing Your New Benefits Options

Benefits Zone is your go-to solution for all your employee engagement needs. It allows you to easily distribute benefit offerings to employees while offering them a chance to self-educate and enroll in the benefits. Even better, it is a perfect platform to review employees’ engagement to help you make data-driven decisions.

If you are ready to start testing new employees’ benefits, schedule a demo or contact us today!