Auto-Response Keyword

Each case has a unique keyword or textword that employees can text to a short code number to trigger an autoresponder text message, instantly delivering the benefits toolkit.

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Auto-response keyword

Convenient & Accessible

Omnichannel distribution through SMS campaigns, SMS auto-response keyword, and email communication make it easy for employees to connect with benefits tools and resources.

Unique Case Keyword

Keywords are short, easy-to-remember, and unique for each case. Keywords quickly connect employees with their assigned agent and benefits offering.

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Scalable Delivery

The mobile benefits app is distributed in a variety of ways including bulk text message, email, social media, and text auto-response keyword.

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Digital Leave-Behind

Make virtual benefits meetings more engaging. Employees text a unique keyword to access the mobile benefits toolkit.

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Custom Responses

Customize the response message sent in reply to the unique keyword to deliver tailored information for each case.

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Instantly deliver benefits information

The SMS keyword is one of many ways agents can distribute the benefits toolkit. It immediately delivers all of the important benefits information directly to the requesting employee.

Scalable, Fast, and Customizable

  • Deliver the benefits toolkit to multiple employees at once
  • Automate benefits information immediately after employee request

  • Tailor the response message to each, specific case

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