Agent Administration

Monitor individual agent activity with assigned cases through a Manager dashboard view or concise and summarized reports.

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agent administration

Flexible & Individualized

Agent administration is easy with Benefits Zone. Assign permissions and select appropriate features to suit the needs of each agent. Management has a snapshot of agent activity and the ability to drill down for more detailed data.

Roles and Permissions

Define the roles and permissions for individual agents to ensure they have exactly what they need to be successful.

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Feature Toggle

Flexible roles and permissions define platform access based on the individual user in our multi-tenant administration platform.

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Corporate Oversight

No need to access multiple reports from multiple systems to access activity data for analysis. Activity by agent is collected for easy review.

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Roll-up Reporting

Save time and easily monitor Agent activity and reports in a rolled-up summary analysis.

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Management at scale

Create templates and monitor activity to ensure compliance with policies & procedures as well as regulations. Easily add, remove, or adjust Agent profiles for a macro-level picture of activity.

Compliant, Scalable, and Unified

  • Corporate governance and manager permissions for scalable case implementations
  • Monitor agent activity, case progression, and engagement to track critical KPIs.
  • Unify sales strategy, data, and reporting in a single system.

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