Employee benefits are a big part of modern employment. They are used as selling points to attract new hires and rewards for reaching higher levels. The right benefits reduce stress and improve work-life balance. Of course, as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Benefits plan participation has always been a struggle for employers who invest a budget in benefits that employees are then too busy, distracted, or unaware to make use of. How can you increase your employee’s benefits plan participation?

We know that this year everyone is distracted by keeping the wheels on the wagon at work and at home. Therefore, the key to plan engagement is making participation as easy and streamlined as possible. Remove those hurdles, increase awareness, and involve everyone with the benefits plans you’ve carefully put together to uplift your employees.  Because everyone could use the benefits of plan participation this year.

Let’s dive into the top three strategies to increase employee benefits plan participation.

1) HR Involvement in Benefits Plan Participation

First and foremost, get involved to boost engagement. You can’t just make benefits available and expect your team to find and take advantage of them. You have to raise visibility and awareness. Spread the word and set an example with the help of your HR team. Send out friendly emails and plan events that make use of your benefits plans.

Send out reminders to use health benefits at key times like back-to-school, the yearly flu season, and before vacations. Promote partnerships with local benefits providers. Encourage your team to seek out benefits on their own time or join team benefits participation like lunchtime yoga classes. The more HR gets involved in building engagement, the more engagement you will see as a result.

2) Simple Guides to Help Employees Self-Enroll With New Technology

Self-enrollment is the best modern method for employees to take advantage of their benefits plans. Employees can access their benefits with the flexibility needed to fit their unique schedules and needs. However, self-enrollment also creates an entry hurdle that not everyone can tackle on their own.

Make it easier to sign up by creating simple guides and how-to videos to show your employees how to self-enroll in benefits using new technology. Don’t assume everyone knows how to use your benefits apps or log into the benefits dashboard on their own – even if it seems simple. Guides smooth that transition and inspire employees putting off self-enrollment to finally sign up for benefits they’ll really enjoy.

3) Mobile App Benefits Access

Lastly, take your benefits into the realm of mobile app access. While not all employees may have their own workout equipment or even their own vehicle, they likel.y all have a phone. A benefits mobile app like Benefits Zone makes it easy for your team to check out the benefits available to them, scroll through the options, and pick out and self-enroll in what they will enjoy most. They can also track their progress on the use of benefits and the boosts they’re gaining from participating in your benefits plans.

Increase Your Benefits Plan Participation

Benefits Zone is proud to offer a streamlined benefits management experience for your employees and workforce. Benefits plans no longer need to be separate or difficult to access. Instead, your team can easily choose the benefits they need or will enjoy most and track their participation through the ease of a mobile app dashboard.

To explore the potential of the Benefits Zone app in boosting plan participation for your team, reach out to discuss your business and sign up for a custom demo experience.