The marketplace is constantly shifting, and the business landscape along with it, including client engagement trends. Adapting is the safest bet for any company or benefits provider looking to remain viable. As the pandemic creates a new normal, employers and managers have learned to incorporate changes that come with working remotely.

But this reality presents a problem, as the distance can encourage a level of disconnection and discourage engagement. This could pave the way for client dissatisfaction and affect the overall progress of the business. With the problem affecting every industry across the globe, brokers and agents included, virtual client engagement is imperative.

However, learning how to virtually engage your clients isn’t enough. Understanding the current trends is what will set you apart from all your competitors in the industry. Hence, we’ve highlighted three recent trends in virtual client engagement and how you should respond.

Positive Selling

The use of scare tactics by businesses is not unheard of. But in today’s general atmosphere, such a tactic can backfire on you. And between the numerous job losses and the pandemic, the last thing anyone needs is another scare to add to their increasing “negative news” fatigue.

Studies show that a scare tactic in selling can hurt your brand reputation and cost you loyal customers. On the other hand, positive selling can help create a sense of calm and happiness, which most people are currently looking for. McAfee and Avast are great examples of brands that use positive selling to trigger positive emotions in their clients.


The numerous, unprecedented changes that the pandemic ushered into our lives have created a sense of instability. This has people craving stability, even when dealing with companies. And businesses are there to identify problems and come up with solutions. In this case: peace.

One way to do this is by creating flexibility in the virtual workspace. Give them options to choose from. This way, they can juggle working from home by selecting an option that works for them.

Having opportunities to choose from can help ease the pressure of the pandemic, financial strain, and other unexpected changes.

Technology in Client Engagement Trends

Technology is at the heart of virtual client engagement. It’s the platform that allows businesses and clients to connect and keep things moving. It can be as easy as communicating via email to help maintain a constant information flow between you and your clients.

Additionally, going virtual can help ease virtual enrollments through the interaction of tools such as webinars. And with more and more clients willing to use them, businesses can use them to increase engagement and build trust. But glitches and other virtual-related problems can get in the way of that.

To boost your sales and improve customer engagement, add convenience to the entire virtual enrollment process. Go ahead and incorporate apps and software that can help manage employee benefits as well. This can help employees struggling with financial strain.

Consider offering a benefits toolkit known as the Benefits Zone. By constantly keeping employees informed and educated on their benefit options, the Benefits Zone Toolkit is what every business needs.

Keep up With Client Engagement Trends

Ultimately, virtual client engagement is crucial to helping a business attract and retain clients. But knowing how to utilize the current trends effectively will make a difference in the long run.

  • Avoid negative selling and using scare tactics if you’re looking to maintain a positive brand reputation. Today, people are easily triggered by negative messages and images. Keep the message light and happy to create calm in your clients.
  • Create options for the solutions you create. Everyone is learning to adapt, and flexibility can help your clients juggle their affairs better.
  • Lastly, use technology to your advantage. Ensure your clients can easily access it and utilize Toolkits such as Benefits Zone to help manage employee benefits. With the current financial strain created by the pandemic, it’s needed now more than ever.

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