With decentralized workforces growing more common and more employees working from home, it might seem like Open Enrollment needs to go virtual. A successful virtual Open Enrollment season may seem difficult if not impossible to achieve. What about the flyers, brochures, and enrollment packets that are normally distributed?

We have good news. Benefits Zone can help make your Open Enrollment just as (if not more) successful as in previous years. Here are three quick steps to a successful and “flyer-free” virtual Open Enrollment:

Distribute the Benefits Toolkit to all Employees and Drive Activity to the Centralized Benefits Hub

Because your benefits toolkit is a key component of a virtual enrollment, it’s critical to drive activity to it. Your Benefits Zone app should have all of the benefits resources and information that employees need. Indeed, it should be a “one-stop-shop” for eligible employees. Initially, focus on making sure the app is distributed to all employees. Next, work on following up to ensure employees know how to access their benefits information. Finally, make sure to fully leverage your app by creating a delivery vehicle for all of your no-longer paper resources.

Add Resources you Previously would have Distributed as Paper Copies in Digital Format to your Benefits Toolkit.

With a virtual employee engagement solution like Benefits Zone, it’s easy to upload digital materials. Simply collect the flyers, brochures, or Open Enrollment packets you previously used and convert them to a digital format. In order to create polished digital content, avoid scanning print materials into a digital format. Instead, ask your marketing team to send you a pdf of the resource. You can also use an online solution like Canva to create digital resources. Be sure to think outside the box. Work with your marketing team to convert your paper resources to videos, infographics, or gifs. These types of mediums help encourage engagement, especially with younger workers.

Highlight Digital Resources for a Successful Virtual Open Enrollment

Talk about your digital resources every chance you get. The more you highlight the resources on your app, the more likely employees are to access them. Be sure to involve the entire benefits team in promoting the available digital content. You can highlight digital resources by:

  • Referencing them on webinars, video calls, and when answering questions
  • Asking HR to promote them on internal company channels
  • Holding a contest that drives employees to access a certain resource (be sure to use automatic tagging to easily manage the contest)

Start Planning a Flyer-Free Virtual Open Enrollment

Ultimately, having a flyer-free open enrollment will lead to less paper lost by employees and less paper wasted due to overprinting. Ready to start planning your successful virtual & flyer-free enrollment? Contact us today!

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels